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  Saturday, 2008/03/22  
  Brad Wrote: We have finally updated our website! Pics of the wedding and the wedding video are now posted! Much more to come soon!  
  Thursday, 2007/08/30  
  Brad Wrote: OK, well 558 hours to go... WOW the past month or so has been so crazy. Just trying to get everything finalized and done so we can enjoy our last few weeks before the wedding. We have a little bit more to do, but it's all stuff that is going to be done very soon and all will be well! I'm sorry we haven't updated the story or uploaded more pictures. I promise we will do all of that either right before the wedding, or when we get back and get settled in. We appreciate your patience and understanding :-D

Last night we started our pre-marital counseling with our Pastor. We are excited to see how that goes and to glean what we can from it. We want to make sure we have as many tools possible to make our relationship and marriage strong and deep.

Well, that's all I'll write for now, see you guys at the wedding!
  Thursday, 2007/08/02  
  Kerri Wrote: The days are getting shorter, I'm sure of it. Only 50 days left. Scary, yet totally EXCITING!!!! Looking forward to becoming Mrs. Kerri Hoff, AND seeing all our family and friends. Miss you all, more than you know. Hugs!  
  Tuesday, 2007/06/26  
  Kerri Wrote: Well, Brad is in Chicago this week. It's very lonely and boring in Dallas without him (pout). I dislike this separation / long-distance business, as talking on the phone is not, nor has it ever been, my thing. Poor Brad, poor me (heehee).

Anyway, just wanted drop a line and say "HI". Lately, I've been surfing the net for "STUFF". Of course, it's all wedding related STUFF. Actually, it's been quite fun; however I'd like to say there are WAY too many options out there, ahhH!


  Sunday, 2007/06/24  
  Kerri Wrote: RE: Wedding plans... FuN! CrAzY! Exciting! Tiring!

Thankfully, Brad and I are getting a ton accomplished. A BIG thank you to all our family and friends. Different ones have offered and/or agreed to help in various ways, as well as sharing ideas, being supportive, etc. We're blessed to have the love and support of family and friends.

We have a weekly "to-do" list, and so far, so good! We're staying on task. WhoOp! WhoOp! In fact, just yesterday, we experienced our second round of "cake testing". Brad and I are now BIG fans of "cake testing" (LoL)! Mmmm, I love cake. The DFW area has some excellent bakers. All I have to say is, y'all are in for a treat, come Sept 22nd.

The planning process has been so enjoyable. Yes, at times, it's been stressful (LOL). I'm sure there times I've driven Brad nuts, but thankfully he still loves me (griN). Anyway, we really are enjoying the journey and definitely looking forward to Sept 22nd. We hope you will be able come and celebrate with us.

Love you all ~ cheers!

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